Video & Animation

Videos have a unique ability to evoke emotion and communicate social cues. Whether telling a story or sharing vital information, video is a powerful tool when done right. We create engaging animated and live action videos to get your message across in a highly appealing and effective way.

Making a complex process easy to navigate

End-to-end design, production, and launch support

From scriptwriting and storyboarding, to production and animation, we will put you in the passenger seat throughout the process and walk you through everything.

Flexible and creative options to suit your needs

We have in-house scriptwriters, video editors, producers, illustrators, animators, and motion designers so we can customize the project approach to fit your timeline and budget by developing  a style and format that will communicate your message effectively.

Production Services

Video Production & Editing

Live action video is an effective way to build trust and connection, it’s also a valuable way to demonstrate real-world skills, show physical products, and tell stories. We film and edit a range of internal communications, instructional, customer education, and promotional videos, including bulk video capture and editing.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Animation gives you the ability to visually communicate any idea in a concise and effective way, with a unique visual language that lets you completely control space and time to maximize your message with visuals, sounds and words working together cohesively.

Interactive Videos

Videos are highly immersive, engaging sight and hearing together to reinforce messaging and create emotional connection. You can further enhance videos through interactivity—creating “choose your own adventure” narratives with multiple endings, interactive software training, or built in quizzes or other forms integrated into video content.

Our Advantages

Whether you want to inspire your audience with a story, communicate an organizational change, or make an instructional video to help people do their job—we’ll do it better.

Planning & Execution

No matter what stage of the process you’re at and the capabilities of your team, we’re here to help from start to finish. Our team works with you to draft scripts from scratch, or helps your team finesse and fine tune their drafts and move them into production.


We can lead the creative journey or collaborate with your in-house creatives and subject matter experts to jump in and support you at any step. We work hard to bring out the best in everyone, build your team’s capacity, and leave people better than we found them.

One-Stop Shop

From instructional design and scriptwriting to animation and interactive development, we’ve built a team and processes to manage this entire process so you don’t need to juggle multiple vendor relationships.

Learning and Change Lens

We are experts in learning and behaviour change and bring this to every engagement. We use video as a tool to drive and motivate change, using learning and behavioural science to guide each decision.

Customized video strategies

You may worry about the costs and complexity of video and animation, but the truth is, there are options to fit almost any budget depending on your goals. There are many variables that affect the cost and production time of a video-based project, and we can work with you to identify the right type of solution for your needs.

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