Human and Social Services

We work with nonprofits, social enterprises, government agencies and other institutions to create novel social marketing, outreach and educational resources and platforms.

We're a values-aligned partner who knows your world

People first

We’ve worked extensively with nonprofits and cause-driven organizations and are accustomed to supporting common needs like grant funded initiatives, engaging large stakeholder groups, and helping you reach your desired short and long term outcomes.

Expert guidance and support

We work closely with you to understand your goals and needs to design feasible and sustainable resources, learning experiences,  and knowledge products for your context.

Use Cases

This text briefly introduces your values to your advantages and tells them what sets you apart from the competition.

Knowledge Mobilization

Turn research into action, communicate and empower your audience with custom made elearning content, learning journeys, tools and resources.

Learning & Development

Streamline onboarding for your employees and volunteers, enrich their experience at work, and improve their perception of you and your organization.

Community Capacity Building

Deliver high quality digital supports and resources to stakeholders to improve reach, scalability, and impact of your programs.

Tools and Resources

Upgrade legacy initiatives, digitize underutilized training programs, convert slide decks and powerpoints into engaging online toolkits, resources, and course libraries that make a difference.

Customized communication, learning, and change strategies

Complex problems defy cookie-cutter and templated solutions. We design bespoke strategies and implementation plans for your specific situation and work with you every step of the way to support your team and desired outcomes. 

Consulting Services

Training, Learning and Development

Every organization needs to train and support people to do their jobs effectively. By planning and implementing learning and development (L&D) programs and resources, you give your team members a solid foundation and framework to grow within, leading to more productive employees and a more effective organization and culture. 

Knowledge Translation and Social Marketing

Knowledge Translation is essential when there is a need to bridge the gap between research findings and practical applications to bring about societal benefits and informed decision-making. Social Marketing uses insights and tactics from marketing and advertising to spread helpful information to improve people’s lives. 

Change Management

Change Management is useful anytime you’re asking a group of people to change their behaviour. In other words, it’s a way of helping people move from a current state to a future state, navigate the challenges of a transition, and sustain the change. 

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