Our Services

We are your end-to-end service partner for learning design and multimedia production.

Strategy and Consulting

We provide expert guidance, support and recommendations for your situation based on research and analysis. Most engagements start here, we work collaboratively with you from the start to generate ideas and design feasible options for your short-term and long-term goals.

Learning Experience Design

We bridge the gap between knowing and doing, inciting action through inspired narratives, interactive learning, and visual communications. Hot Neon Learning develops advanced communications solutions for a diverse portfolio of public organizations, non-profits, and private companies. We have extensive experience engaging both external audiences and internal stakeholders—researching, designing, and implementing unique solutions to serve your needs.

eLearning Development

We create highly interactive and engaging learning and educational experiences that shift culture, behavior, and attitudes. We design and develop self-paced courses, blended training programs, short form microlearning events, customized knowledge management and process enablement solutions.

Video and Animation Production

We’ve worked on a wide range of video, motion design and animation projects over the years and are continually pushing our creative limits. From frame-by-frame hand drawn animation to explainer and instructional videos, we craft engaging visuals and sound personalized to your audience, goals, and budget.

Improve Engagement

Make learning accessible, even to remote teams or hard to reach populations with targeted resources and strategies. Don't do the bare minimum, make learning approachable and meaningful, with higher quality learning experiences and resources than your competitors.

Mitigate Risk

Digital resources and learning experiences ensure consistent messaging as you scale—remove uncertainty and doubt with clear communication to your target audience.

Reduce Costs

In-person training isn't scalable. Digital resources aren't always the answer, but many parts of your programs and initiatives can be digitized leading to better experiences for everyone and reduced costs. Work with us to find out how.

Ask us anything

Just reach out and share some information about your organization and goals, we’ll get back to you within a day to set up a call and chat through options.

We build long term relationships so we can get to know your organization, culture, audiences and needs deeply over time. Every engagement starts with getting to know your problem and context so we can provide relevant and meaningful support that will drive the outcomes you want. Once we define the problem and agree on a path forward, we collaborate to figure out a work plan. Then, we design and create the solution and help you with publishing and launch. Depending on the scope of the engagement, this process may include storyboards, prototyping, multiple build/revision cycles, testing, evaluation and continuous improvement.

Most projects take between 2 to 6 months, but timelines vary depending on the complexity of your project, for example a single video will be faster to create than an eLearning course that requires multiple videos and development. The number of stakeholders involved and the stakeholder engagement process also impacts timelines significantly. For example, a project where you have one project lead guiding the project will typically move faster than one with multiple reviewers and feedback cycles.

Projects vary significantly due to multiple factors such as level of consulting and support needed, degree of interactive development, and the level of art and production needed. 

We think of our relationships in terms of long term engagements rather than short term projects. Our clients engage with us to design and implement multiple projects throughout the year that include a variety of digital assets, resources, learning experiences and videos.

Engagement and project investment depends on too many factors to accurately provide a quote without knowing your unique situation and goals. With that said, there are many variables that we can adjust to fit different budgets so don’t be shy and reach out and ask!

If your goals and budget are misaligned, we can work with you to figure out a solution or recommend another company or contractor that can help you.

We are not a Learning Management System or SaaS company, we specialize in designing learning experiences and other support resources such as online courses, microlearning, virtual training, and digital communications. We provide expert services to support your technology adoption and implementation projects helping you select and set up appropriate systems to support your goals. We have proficiency in a variety of LMS, LXP and CMS environments.

We use Thinkific Plus for our own internal learning and development and select partnerships. We are Thinkific Experts and can help you with building out your own custom Thinkific portal or advise you on if it may be the right choice for you.

Work with a local company that understands your context.

Hot Neon is a Canadian learning design, elearning development, and media production company with teams in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. We service clients across North America. 

Our typical business client has 50–500 employees and annual revenues between $10m–$100m.

With larger enterprises we work on internal training and communications for specific departments or business units.

We also work with healthcare organizations, nonprofits and other social benefit organizations to design and implement innovative learning and knowledge translation solutions for their teams and public audiences.

Technology and marketing industries are known for exploitative practices that take advantage of precarious workers. As people with significant experience as freelancers, contractors and consultants, we vow to never function this way.

To this end, we’ve worked hard to recruit and develop a talented in-house core team that can handle most projects without relying on additional subcontractors, and when we do work with contractors, we pay fairly and treat them as respected and trusted associates.

While our in-house team handles most projects, we may bring on additional support  for large scale, complex problems, or if specific skills or art styles are needed. When we work with subcontractors, our goal is always to build long-term, ethical, sustainable relationships and communities locally, and we have built up a strong network of experts and specialists to support work and scale up as needed. Our locations across Canada give us access to top talent in a variety of disciplines.

We started off as facilitators, designing in-person training and experiential learning events.

We design a variety of learning, training and communications solutions including in-person workshops, virtual instructor led training (VILT), and blended or hybrid learning programs.

We also frequently work on converting and adapting in-person training to digital experiences like online courses, resources, and virtual training.

In every project, we always look for ways that the learning experience can be enhanced with technology. We want you to achieve the best outcomes you can and always look for opportunities to improve systems and processes to reach or exceed your goals.

We make videos and much more. We provide full service strategy and design consulting, and implementation support services like interactive development, and video production and animation services.

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