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On a mission to level up learning


We are driven by a desire to continuously improve, enhance learning experiences, and make a significant impact on personal and societal growth. Our creative passion fuels our work, and we recognize our responsibility to use our expertise to help people. We strive to create engaging, meaningful, and innovative learning experiences.

Our team is made up of designers, technologists and artists. We bring expertise and energy to every engagement. We provide you and your team with a professional and helpful experience, guided by our values of openness, creativity, curiosity, accessibility and inclusion. We act as supporters, guides, advisors, coaches or experts as needed depending on your unique situation and can help you at any stage of your process.

We believe in people

We work with trailblazing companies, cause driven non-profits, and progressive healthcare providers to create learning experiences that stand out and improve lives.

We blend art, science and technology to generate the best solution for you, your target audience, and context. 


We recognize that solutions to complex problems often require thinking and seeing in new ways. We are a team of multidisciplinary creators, consultants, and strategists who identify and generate possibilities and solve problems through design and technology.


We are guided by the science of learning and human behaviour, and use evidence-based principles to design effective learning experiences that have an impact. We look for feedback and treat it as data for improving designs. We evaluate and continuously improve projects over time. 


We are highly adaptive and constantly evolving our systems and processes to leverage cutting edge technology. We are technologists, we look for ways to improve our work, team experience, and customer experience and outcomes with technology. 

Art & Design

We recognize that thinking follows feeling. So, we prioritize art and creativity, and constantly try to expand our own beliefs and those of our customers about what is possible with digital media.

We are artists and creatives, always learning and exploring how to express emotion through visuals, sound and storytelling to enhance experiences.

The people behind our success

Sadie Nielsen

Learning Experience Designer

David Kativu

Creative Director

Justin Otteson

Director, Service Delivery

Stormy Foreman

Project Manager

Jordan Wright

Director of Operations

Caitlynn Miller

Learning Experience Designer

Clayton Little

Multimedia and Production Specialist

Nathan Jones

Animation Generalist

Dan Porter

Director, Production & Development

Lana Chebib

Technology Implementation SPecialist

Ryan James

Director, Strategy & Innovation

Seamus Easton

CopyWriter & Editor

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